Wednesday, July 6, 2011

QNM Small Projects

I'm a long-term subscriber and avid reader of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine;  it's a really great compendium of quilting news, new techniques, artist profiles, fabulous quilt photos, and a few patterns.  One of my favorite unofficial regular features in the magazine is what I always think of as the "fun-small-project-of-the-month."  They almost always publish a small project showcasing some technique that's new or fun or different.  I love to try these since you can test something out without committing to a giant undertaking.  In addition, although I like making large involved quilts, I'm also a sucker for the make-it-in-a-weekend type projects.

The first project-of-the-month I tried was a thread-painted portrait of my mom.  It didn't turn out too well- she said something uncomplimentary and I've teased her about it ever since.  In any case, I'm not showing it here.

However, here are two more successful projects which came from QNMs small-project-of-the-month section.  The goal of the first one was to make a "village-scape" using only a few little shapes.  The idea is that you cut out a bunch of fusible-web lined squares and rectangles and L-shapes and small triangles, and then lay them all out so they look like a small European village on a mountainside.  When I saw this project we'd just gotten back from a vacation in Spain where we saw several of these villages, so my Mom and I thought we'd try it.  We even incorporated a couple of photo transfers from our trip.  My mom made one in black and white, and I made mine in sort of beige tones.  It's one of the only muted color schemes I've ever used, and even then I couldn't resist adding the pops of color in the flower baskets.  After lining up all the pieces you just fuse them down, cover with tulle and quilt over it.  Easy-peasy for a pretty cute effect.

The second small project involved weaving pieces of fabric like on those old woven valentines we used to make out of red and white construction paper.  My sister, our cousin, and I each made one of these mini wall hangings (they're about 16 x 18 inches or so).  I don't quite remember all the instructions, I think we cut out and wove the fabric and then fused it down on fusible interfacing or something.  Anyway, it was quite easy and gave a fun abstract landscape sort of look.  I accented mine with fabric flowers/buttons.