Friday, December 14, 2012

Mug Rugs for Santa Ministry

Happy Friday everybody.  If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, there's still time, just click here.  In contrast to past years, we aren't going to New Mexico until the 26th this year, so all through December I've been thinking that I had much more time than usual to get ready for Christmas (since we usually leave the 21st or the 22nd).  Just yesterday, however, I realized that all our Christmas celebrating here begins on the 23rd, and I have just one more week to finish everything up!  Eek!

So while I'm busily sewing away, here are a couple of mug rugs I made last weekend to tide you over.  I try to make a little something handmade to slip into the rest of the Santa Ministry presents I'm taking to church (they're gifts for nursing home residents, clothes, bath stuff, etc.).  I had two names, a man and a woman, so I made these two mug rugs using some hexie flowers I had on hand.

This one really didn't look very good in person, the aqua fabric was much more see through than you can tell in this picture and the yellow print was shadowing through making the whole thing look dingy and stained.  Add to that the actual black stain on the top right hexie (no idea where that came from), and I couldn't imagine giving it to anyone.  So I just appliqued another flower on top of the first one.  Much better, although the colors in the picture are not true to life.  I wanted to get it packed up so couldn't wait for better lighting.  Happy third Sunday in advent everyone!