Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring in October!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on quilting my silk screening test medallion.  I'm so excited that I actually finished it this weekend!  I was going to post some in progress photos last week, but never got around to it.  

Here's the medallion just after I silk screened it.  My mom and I made our own screens- for more on that process, see this post.  I also tried painting/overdying/silk screening a commercial print fabric- that's the second picture with the family of quail.  That piece is still in my waiting-for-a-plan drawer, but the first one is done!

Aside from the borders, it's mostly a whole cloth, just quilted with different colors of thread, mostly plum, green, neon yellow, and silver metallic.  I put a row of piping between the main panel and the borders; I'll never do that again- what a mess to quilt up to.  Every time I got close to it my foot got caught resulting in a wretched ugly spot in the quilting.  The inner purple quilted frame is adapted from a dover book of copyright free art deco style borders.  I love the organic framing effect it gives.  Unfortunately, the colors in the silk screen faded quite a bit after washing the quilt to remove the quilting marks- I guess I needed to iron more to set the fabric.  I'd not originally ironed it because I didn't want to set the lines I'd used to align the screen designs (see blue lines in first picture), but I think I probably should have to prevent fading.  I love the way it turned out, so soft and springy!  Now to find someplace to hang it.

Spring in October, 40" x 40" c. Shannon Conley, 2012

Feels really good to have another big (for me) finished project!