Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Baby Baby: Part 63

It isn't really part 63 of course, but there have been a bunch of baby items lately.  Having made several things for the wonderful Anna, I decided it was time to make some things for another baby of my acquaintance.  Michael is almost the same age as Anna (a couple of months now), and is the grandson of my Mike's brother's wife.  The baby is living with Mike's brother and his wife, and I think the situation has been pretty challenging, particularly since baby Michael has had some health problems.  In any case, the baby is just adorable.  

I decided to make him a minky blanket using green and blue minky and a super fun woodland animal print.  As before, I FMQed his name and the date on it so he'd know it was made especially for him.  

After making the minky blanket I remembered the self-binding receiving blanket tutorial from Sew Much Ado, and decided I'd try making one of those too.  I mean, all babies need lots of blankets right?  For this one, I used two contrasting colors of fun dog flannel.  

Finally, Becky mentioned to me that she'd made up a couple more simple fabric panel books for Anna and some other babies she knows.  I decided I'd make one of those for Michael too.  I had a hard time finding any that weren't licensed characters, but I finally found this cute one with opposites.  It was way easier to assemble than the disastrous one we made before, mostly because the pages had numbers and instructions.  

I hope he enjoys them!