Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Stuck!

A few years ago back when I still made baby quilts for most babies of my acquaintance, I made this one for my friend Michael's baby Mary   I don't have many pictures of it, but it was fun patterned fabric.  Michael and I work with mice, so I thought the mouse fabric complemented the lady bugs nicely.

I have recently stopped making very many baby quilts, there were more babies than I had time for.  But this Christmas when we were in New Mexico, I was very sad that there was only one baby quilt for Becky!  In an effort to avoid what I call second baby syndrome, I decided to make a baby quilt for Michael's soon-to-be-arriving second little girl.  I won a charm pack last fall from Sew Happy Geek, and thought it would make a nice fun option for a baby quilt.

Samantha is due to arrive mid-March and I hope she likes the quilt!